Sunday, March 24, 2013

Piano Tuning Fixes Everything - No it doesn't!

Incredibly, most customers believe that tuning a piano will fix all of the problems.

Piano tuning only relates to adjusting the pitch of piano wire - nothing else.

99 times out of 100 when I get called to tune a piano, there is more work than I thought. Typically, a call was made to tune the piano but the actual complaint was about sticking keys, squeaking pedals, buzzes, or other problems. When an unqualified tuner tunes the piano for the customer and leaves problems that still exist, the customer assumes that the piano was not tuned.

When you take your car in for servicing, do you specify only to put in gas and check the oil or do you ask for general service and maintenance, in case something else is wrong?

The same problems exist in a piano. You must always specify tuning and maintenance when you  call a piano tuner for regular piano servicing. If you don't it is just a matter of time before the piano action starts breaking down and becomes unplayable.  Email: 
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